Recycling Plants for Solid and Organic Wastes
   Wood Chippers
   Briquetting Machines




Same as it is done at the developed countries, Seven Environmental Technologies Ltd. Co. together with her European Partner Companies which each of them is a leading company that is owning experiences on the different branches of the† Environmental Technologies, is acting to realize modern environmental projects in Turkey.
By the realizing of such projects, it is our aim to give our citizens the possibility of living in a clean environment and to allow the returnable wastes to be gained as raw material by our national economy and also to remove the pollution of the wastes from the living areas of our beautiful country.
During the realization of our projects the main aspect is with the modern technologies to sort the valuable wastes such as; papers, cardboards, pets, plastics, Alís etc. from the organic wastes and make it possible to return back them to the related industries to be used back as raw materials. From the organics, we are establishing the compost facilities and other rest wastes that are owning high calorific values are subject to be used as RDF material.

On the other hand, the recycling of scrap tyres and cables are resulted with the gain of their inside elements such as; rubber, steel, copper and textiles which are also subject to be used by the related industries as raw materials.
The recycling of the pet bottles, electronics, white households are also included in our business activities.†††
Beside establishing key turn plants on the above mentioned subjects, we are also selling the individual machinery such as Horizontal and Vertical Balers, different types of Shredders as well as different types of Composting Machines and Equipments to our customers.
Briefly, Seven Environmental Technologies Ltd. Co could be accepted as a pioneer company that is acting on the recycling business with her each year renewable modern environmental technologies in and outside of Turkey.


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